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Frank McCaffrey came to the district for a job with KRGV years ago. The naysayers told him not to make the move because he wouldn't fit in and wouldn't do well. He likes to joke about how wrong they were!


He worked for Channel Five as a reporter and anchor, covering veterans issues as well as two major floods and the 2019 immigration surge. It was a very successful run. He and his family very much embraced the community, the community embraced back. When his run was over, Frank didn’t want to leave. So he worked out a way to stay in the Valley and be a freelance reporter at the national level. 

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With Border Patrol

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Courtesy: KRGV

While working as a freelance reporter, Frank provided in-depth coverage of the pandemic, Hurricane Hanna, the Texas freeze and the immigration surge. During his time covering immigration, Frank got up close with the issue at different parts of Texas-Mexico border, in Mexico, at the respite center and on ranches, He became close with Border Patrol agents, farmers, local law enforcement, local leaders and members of the community.

At White House
In DC, 2011

Prior to his time in Texas, Frank spent many years in broadcast journalism and political communications. He worked in different markets as a journalist covering a number of different issues of local, national, even international significance. This includes several years at Fox News Channel and Americans for Limited Government. He became familiar with the system in Washington over these years as well.

He was thrilled to have been granted an invite to bring his family to the White House in 2020. It was a thrill for him and it was a thrill for his son.

At San Martin de Porres

White House, 2020

Ready to duke it out in DC, 2011

Frank has a BA from Loyola University in Maryland and an MA from Johns Hopkins University. He is married with one son. His campaign is operating out of Raymondville where he has covered the stories out of El Valle Detention Center for years. He volunteers at San Martin de Porres in Weslaco to give food to those in need, a job he took over from his father who passed away in 2017.

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San Martin de Porres, Weslaco

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