On the issues


The veterans fought for us and I am greatly appreciative of that. I am also grateful that I have veterans in my family. For years, I fought for veterans to have the best care available with the VA and made sure to get the veterans crisis line out to the viewing audience. I was very humbled and honored to be the only non-veteran invited to a 2019 Thanksgiving dinner at Tropical Texas and give veterans priority on campaign staffing. I want to continue that fight in Washington. The veterans often feel ignored. I will never let anyone be dismissive of them when I am around. I will keep listening to you and I will keep fighting for you.



South Texas agriculture is in danger of evaporating away. It is up against a number of challenges and, in recent years, its biggest challenge has come from Mother Nature. Floods, a hurricane and a major freeze devastated crops and crushed farms. Some citrus orchards will likely be bulldozed. I have been with members of the ag community here during these tough times. I was with the citrus producers as they watched their trees get destroyed and with the cotton producers when their fields were flooded. I cannot tell you what a somber feeling it was. I will do what so few do with the ag community and listen to you. We are an ag nation yet farmers deal with very dismissive leaders and media. I have never dismissed you and never will! I will continue to fight to get you the assistance you need and will fight for you to have good trade deals.



Many fences have been destroyed by bailouts in this district. Bailouts are when smugglers pack several immigrants into their vehicle to transport them. Often the smuggler just drives through the fences, flattening them. Water sources are also damaged as well as other properties. Ranchers find themselves living in fear of what’s crossing through their property. Their gates are broken, allowing cattle to escape. Some have told me they discover dead bodies on a regular basis. I have even noticed that fences are destroyed across the street from the Border Patrol checkpoint in the Falfurrias area. With stricter border policies, they would have an enormous reduction of these problems. Though there are tax breaks available for damages, I propose more tax credits for their damages if they have a police report.


I have seen the immigration issue up close for years now and understand how difficult it is for local leaders, who often don’t have anything budgeted for handling immigration. There is fear that if the Biden administration removes Title 42, the problem will be even worse. I have also worked regularly with Border Patrol and see how much they have to handle. I have felt overwhelmed at times and I see these elected officials or agents have as well. I have also seen how dangerous it is for the immigrants themselves and have seen a lot of those who died while trying to make the journey into the US. Border Patrol wants it to be known that the smugglers don’t care about them and will lie to them. I want to use my up close experience with the issue to push for tougher  enforcement of immigration law. It is for our safety and for the safety of immigrants who are endangered by billion dollar organizations. I have also heard from law enforcement officials who believe the wall would work as a strong deterrent and allow them to know where the crossings are so they can stay ahead of them.


Law Enforcement

Law enforcement and first responders in general keep us safe. The idea of rolling back or even defunding police is not something we should ever think of. That would endanger the community and the first responders themselves. Having dealt with police my whole career, I have always been impressed by how they seem to be a step ahead of others. Officer safety and wellness is my utmost priority when it comes to law enforcement issues.


Vaccine Mandates

The government should and does make vaccine, even masks, available. But it should not force them on the people. That is overreach and is a dangerous path. What's next? Are they going to mandate green caps with red stars on them? 


Small Business

As a business-minded person I see there are more benefits in growing small business than in growing government. A small business creates jobs and, as it grows, it gives business to other businesses. A successful restaurant, and there are many great ones in South Texas, hires employees. But it also provides business for a real estate agent or landlord, carpet companies, agriculture and other businesses. That is across the board. Young people often have their first jobs in small business and get a great real world education that they can use in their careers. The pandemic was devastating for small businesses. I was with some of them for the darkest hours. They kept my career going and I kept them going as best as we could. We cannot use any excuse to shut them down. But some in Washington don’t care, they used the pandemic to force their rules on these businesses. They are dealing with enough these days as it is. Countless small businesses have told me their biggest problem has been a labor shortage and fighting inflation.


Prescription Medication

Some prescription meds have become so expensive, people cannot afford them. One example is insulin, used in diabetes treatment. It can cost hundreds a week and many in this state cannot afford it. President Biden turned the problem over to congress with hopes it goes away. But I vow to be the voice in Washington to fight for reasonable pricing on these medications.


Cuba/Human Rights

I support Cuba Libre and human rights in general. It was an issue I dealt with during my years in Washington. I believe the people of Cuba need a two-party system to get back to being what it was prior to the Castro regime takeover. It has potential to be a very vibrant economy. But it is, in reality, an illustration of what happens when people are unable to use their talents to accomplish their dreams.

Gun Rights

We must protect the second amendment for the law-abiding citizens of the US. Many in this district need guns for self defense on their ranches. Many need them for other safety concerns. I will defend the right to bear arms and not let anyone take them away as part of a political game. I view the second amendment as a core principle and will tirelessly fight for the rights of law-abiding citizens.



I am pro-life and believe that life begins in the womb. Everyone reading this message had someone who gave them a chance at life. We must protect the safety of the defenseless unborn. There are other options.